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House Releveling

House releveling is done by raising the low portion of the house off the foundation piles until the house is level. The space between the bearers and the top of the foundation pile is completely replaced depending on the severity of the problem, the exterior is repaired where necessary.
During home renovation work, it’s necessary to relevel your house. House releveling can be completed within one or two days. Shivaji house lifting will provide you the best house releveling services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Why House Releveling Is Necessary?

Releveling home provides a level platform and it ensures that any extension work will tie in correctly with your existing home. There are many important things that your home need to be releveled:

  1. Hard to close doors and uneven window frames
  2. Cracked walls
  3. Leaning stumps
  4. Any gaps around skirting boards